About Us

Mission & Vision

Wake Up And Work was built with the purpose of inspiring others to realize what they're capable of accomplishing, and who they're capable of becoming. We've been given this amazing gift of life and we owe it to ourselves to become the best person we possibly can. We want to inspire you to Wake Up and open your eyes to realize the power that you have within yourselves to achieve anything you want. We want to influence you to Wake Up And Work on your goals even when you don't feel capable enough to. We want to motivate you to go to work on yourself, your goals, and your ambitions everyday of your life until you achieve your own success and happiness, on your own terms, how you see fit.

Every company has that "moment" that inspired its purpose and its values. CEO, Owner & Founder Louis Pisano envisioned Wake Up And Work through the combined entities of his own personal history of hard times, trials and tribulations, and struggles paired with his love and passion for fitness.

The beautiful thing about our lifestyle brand is that it can mean many different things to many different people. We welcome you into our family with open arms and hope you share what it means to you, to Wake Up And Work. Our goal is to help you realize the power you have within yourself, in order to achieve everything and anything you want in life because life is too short to not go after the things that you love and desire the most.

Owner's Message

"I've been given an incredible opportunity to connect my passion to my purpose; my love for fitness and what it's showed me and my obsession with helping others realize their potential and the ability to help and improve the lives of people who don’t believe in themselves or have trouble realizing what they’re capable of, similar to how I was growing up. Over the last few years I've used fitness as my main escape, not only for the physical improvements it gave me, but the emotional and mental empowerment as well. It's been my escape from reality and the pain that sometimes comes with life, my addiction and my anti-drug. It drove me to continuously "Wake Up And Work" as much as I could, as often as I could, and as consistent as I could in order to see the results I want and believe I could get. This mentality has given me the faith to believe that in order to achieve what you want in life, all you have to do, is Wake Up And Work, with the discipline, commitment, passion, and ambition to never stop until you succeed. There's so much opportunity in this world and we all have greatness inside of us. My goal is to help others realize that by influencing others through my passion of fitness with my meaningful and purposeful message of Wake Up And Work." - Louis Pisano

Welcome to the Family

As soon as you join the Wake Up And Work family, you're not just buying another piece of fitness apparel or clothing. You're committing yourself to a lifestyle of change, a lifetime of hard work, and a promise to yourself to never stop going after your wildest dreams and goals until you achieve them. Not only are you pledging yourself dedication, commitment, and passion, you're also signing yourself to an agreement that you'll never let anyone or anything get in the way of you being happy or doing what you love the most in this world.

In addition to making the pledge to yourself, you're also pledging to support those around you in all that they are trying to accomplish. We pride ourselves on aspiring to inspire others and we believe that you should to. You never know who you're motivating, you never know who's watching you, and you never know who's looking up to you inspiring them to be just as great as you. Set a good example for future generations.


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